Healthy Start scheme


    Healthy Start vouchers help people access healthy food for their babies and young children, but in Lewisham, only 50% of people who are eligible take them up.


    What can Healthy Start vouchers be exchanged for?


    Vouchers to buy fruit, veg, fresh or UHT cow’s milk, pulses and Stage 1 formula.

    Coupons to get free healthy start vitamins for mothers and for infants




    From April 2021, the value of each voucher has increased by £1.15 and each voucher is now worth £4.25. 

    Pregnant women can get £4.25 per week
    Infants under 1-year-old, get 2 vouchers per week, which is £8.50 per week, if you have a child, between 1 and 4 years old, they too get £4.25 per week.  


    To qualify for the vouchers, you need to be in receipt of any of the following: child tax credit; income support (or income-based jobseeker’s allowance); pension credit, universal credit (if your family take-home pay is £408 or less a month) or working tax credit.   And if you’re under 18 and pregnant (even if you’re not claiming benefits) you’re eligible too, and you can also apply.


    You no longer need the signature of a healthcare professional to apply either.    


    Click here for further information.


    Let’s spread the word to ensure that everyone who qualifies for Healthy Start is claiming their share.  



    FREE Healthy Start Vitamin D 


    The Lewisham Free D scheme offers free Healthy Start vitamins to all infants from 4 weeks old to 4 years old, and all mums during their pregnancy and in the first year of becoming a mother. 


    All the participating pharmacies from which you can collect your free vitamins can be found here.  (This is tablets for women containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D, and drops for children containing 8.5 micrograms of vitamin D.)


    For more information, visit or ask your health visitor or midwife for details.