Healthier Catering Commitment

    Free Award for Food Businesses

    When a food business signs up to the scheme, it commits to improving the food they sell by making small changes such as:

    • Changing the oil they cook with to healthier alternatives
    • Offering some healthy options (for example, lower sugar drinks and snacks)
    • Making smaller portions available on request.


    For more information about the scheme and to check which businesses in London are signed up google Healthier Catering Commitment London or click here 


    Apply and stand out


    Participating food businesses require a Food Hygiene Rating 4 or 5 to apply (‘Scores on the doors’).  All you need to do is complete this form and successful applicants will:



    Your application form will be assessed by a member of the team and a decision will be made to grant an award certificate or advice will be offered to help meet the criteria.

    We will also be running a number of workshops to help businesses with the application process.


    Some business may need support to achieve award and GCDA can guide you. 

    Please contact for more information.

    Healthier Catering Commitment (HCC) is a voluntary scheme for food outlets in London. It is based on the principle that small changes can make a big difference. The scheme runs across London and now businesses can apply online.


    The free scheme is designed to support independent fast food or café businesses make simple and affordable changes to the food they sell to make it healthier for you.

    The HCC scheme is delivered with support from the Mayor of London and the Association of Environmental Health Managers (ALEHM).